Our goal is to provide an education to our clients as well as create effective,
balanced riders. The trainer at  ANGELSTARR FARM  is an educator. She  
teaches in a manor that enables the rider to have a better understanding
about communicating their  aids to the horse and achieving harmony with the
horse. We take a Wholistic approach in our teaching methods.That means that we consider the Whole Rider and Horse: Mind,Body and Spirit. Learning to ride a horse starts from the ground up. Therefore all our beginner riders start with  horsemanship riding lessons.
  The horsemanship  riding lesson is one hour long consisting of learning to:
groom,tack, as well as ride your horse/pony.This also allows the rider to bond
with the horse they are riding and become acquainted to the horses'
personality and vise versa.
Flat work is a fundamental part of riding and is the focus of our mounted
sessions in our lesson program.  Those who are securely balanced  and have
advanced in their skills to a jumping level are encouraged to lease a horse or
purchase/adopt one of their own.
We allow our riders to  ride  at their own pace and do not push anyone to
advance until they are physically and emotionally ready.
Our lesson program stresses the importance of safety which is why we only
offer  private riding  lessons. Each rider receives the complete attention of
their teacher to focus on their riding skills. Those riders who exhibit secure
balance and control of their mount will be allowed to join a semi-private  
lesson, with the approval of their teacher. Also available is our
after school
 enrichment program. Contact us for more information.
We offer several different types of lesson programs for both adults and
children, specializing in Beginner lessons. We understand that people ride for
different reasons. Horses are a mystical creature that naturally draw people
to them. Being involved with horses offers so many benefits to us. Some people benefit physically, emotionally,and/or psychologically.
Whatever your reason, we can custom tailor a lesson program for you.
We offer both Riding and Non riding Lessons.We also offer a Preschoolers Program
,  and a Homeschool Horsemanship Program

                    We have gift certificates available for  any occasion!

A place where every horse and rider are treated with Love, Compassion & Understanding!

servicing Northern Dutchess County:Rhinebeck,Red Hook, Milan,Tivoli,Pine Plains as well as Germantown,Elizaville, areas.